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All About Tinctures

Learn about what makes tinctures special and their many uses.

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5 Elements of TCM

An introduction to the 5 elements in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and how they function in herbalism.

The 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine


Wood Element

Body: Liver, gallbladder, eyes & tendons
Color: Green

Season: Spring
Emotion: Anger
Taste: Sour
Climate: Wind


Fire Element

Body: Heart, tongue, small intestine & blood vessels
Color: Red

Season: Summer
Emotion: Joy
Taste: Bitter
Climate: Heat


Earth Element

Body: Spleen, stomach, muscles & mouth 
Color: Yellow

Season: Late summer
Emotion: Worry, thoughtfulness
Taste: Sweet
Climate: Damp


Metal Element

Body: Lungs, nose, skin & large intestine
Color: White

Season: Autumn
Emotion: Sadness, grief
Taste: Pungent
Climate: Dry


Water Element

Body: Kidneys, bladder, ears & bones
Color: Black

Season: Winter
Emotion: Fear
Taste: Salty
Climate: Cold

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